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"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life" Picasso

Sarah Kingwell creator of SKArt aims to promote the benefits of art as a way to express what cannot  always be said in words, and her dream is to share her passion with others as a tool for improving mental health wellness through different forms of artistic expression.

The workshops aim to promote art and mental health wellbeing, whilst building social connections, self-esteem and releasing the stresses of daily life.

Create your own Mandala

 In this Mandala workshop the main focus is for individuals to create their own mandala on a small scale canvas. During this workshop individuals will get the opportunity to relax and draw or paint their own mandala patterns onto the stenciled prepared canvases, Mandalas are used to focus the mind in meditation.

Mandalas are used to focus the mind in m


 In this large scale canvas group workshop the main purpose is for individuals to get into groups of twos or threes and collaborate using the blank canvas and reflect on what connection looks and feels like to them individually. This workshop allows individuals to  create connections with others whilst getting messy and creative using paints and large brush strokes on a blank canvas.

Building social connections whilst working as a small team to create a painting of expressive brushstrokes, splats of paint, colours that each of you are drawn to. The aim of the group painting is to build self-confidence, friendships and it incorporates collaborative teamwork.


Share your story

SKArt’s aim is to create a safe space where people can come and get creative. In this Abstract self-expression workshop the focus is for individuals to use their own medium sized blank canvas to explore how they are feeling. Allowing the colours and the brushstrokes to tell their story, whilst exploring 'self', applying colour theory and movement in creating something authentic and raw.

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